Saturday, November 7, 2015


  1. Check for upcoming Track + Field meets at our Halifast Events page or and the ANS Events page or Trackie Events page (for cross Canada events). RJTW events are for children up to 12 years of age. Most meets start at Banatam (12-13 years of age). Younger chikdren can be allowed but must compete with Bantam athletes.
  2. Next go to Trackie.reg. This is where you will register for all meets for years to come! It is the same site where you register for HaliFAST so it will look familiar. Upcoming events are listed in the right-handed column. If your event is not there press "view all" at the top of this list.
  3. When you find your event press "Register now" or "View more info". "View more info" will show you detail on the meet such as the schedule,the contact for the event and whether there will be food or parking. Both will allow you to see the current entry list for the event.
  4. Members of HaliFAST are automatically registered with Athletics NS - this is usualy updated the Monday before the event. This allows you to get a discount on the rate.
  5. REGISTRATION. The form is straight forward. The "category" is based on your age. You will find them at the bottom of this page. The "team" is Halifast. It is quickest to find by pressing "Find Team" and writing it in. You will be asked for your "Member ID". Click here to find your Athletics NS/ Athletcis Canada Number. You have to be registered with HaliFAST to have this numver. See #4 above. You can list your time/distance if you have been in a meet previously - these are meant to be official times from sanctioned meets. You do not have to enter these amounts but they may be helpful for lane placement in sprints. 
  6. You can pay with credit online or at the event. Often meet directors will request that one person from each team organize the registration.



Nova Scotia School Age category:


Athletics NS/Athletics Canada

(The athlete is that age in calendar year, for example if someone turns 14 in December they are in Midget for the year even though they are 13 until December)

Bantam     12-13

Midget      14-15

Youth        16-17

Junior       18-19

Senior       20+    

NSSAF (Junior and High School)

Grade 7-8         Junior

Grade 9-10       Intermediate

Grade 11-12     Senior