Tuesday, April 26, 2016

HaliFAST would like to invite ALL interested parents to volunteer with the club. We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, and as we grow, we need help on many fronts – from volunteering at meets, fundraising, marketing,  right up to being a board member and helping us develop our vision of the future. Our board is now one year old and we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish is that time: a new website, online registration, our first annual BBQ, two orders of Halifast gear, the new MiniFAST program and updating our equipment.

As we contunue to develop our HaliFAST Board of Directors, we would like to invite members who have skills in the following areas:
Revenue generation 
Board / governance
Policy development 

We are specifically looking for 3 areas of volunteers:

1. Secretary at the Board  

2. Volunteers for meets. HaliFAST is hositing the ANS Provincials on July 2 weekend. Rich Lehman will put on a course to train meet volunteers soon. If you are interested please contact Sherry.

3. Volunteers to assist the coaches at practice. This can included holding a watch, raking the pit, capturing data, helping with equipment etc.

Even if you have limited time, we may be able to make use of your talents. Please contact Terry if you are interested in volunteering.