Friday, May 6, 2016

Halifast “Summer Grant” Job Description Outdoor Session 2016

HaliFAST is inviting applications for a summer job to support the activities of the club. We are seeking a mature university student who has an ability to work independently. He / she would report to the Board and have regular interaction with the Head Coach. This is a new position and the parameters of the job will be explored and adapted through the summer. HaliFAST believes in supporting young athletes, developing leadership potential and encouraging participation in the organization of athletic clubs.

Expectations include:

  • -  Organizing travel, volunteers, athletes and coaches alike

  • -  Excellent knowledge of athletics, ability to work independently and leadership

    ability. A desire to work with children and coaches and an open, flexible

    nature are assets.

  • -  Knowledge of or willingness to learn about Excel spreadsheets helpful. You

    will be asked to adapt special coach lists from our registration data.

  • -  Contribute to our website and Facebook page – update the homepage,

    events and results section; write news items about our athletes; help develop

    useful information for athletes.

  • -  Support younger athletes at ANS sanctioned track meets. We understand our

    grant recipient will likely be competing at meets, but will be expected to encourage younger athletes to attend and provide some support at the HaliFAST tent. Assist with registration for track meets.

  • -  Support organization of Development Group (12+ age) outside practice times.

  • -  Support Board. Work with board with projects as requested (outside practice

    time). Help organize summer BBQ.


    10 weeks, 30 hours per week, flexible hours, May 30-Aug 10 (outside practice times, you will be required to be at ANS sanctioned meets)


    Minimum wage: $10.70/hr
    Submit hours up to a total of 300 hours, $3210


    Please send your resume to Terry by May 12.




    to foster a lifelong love of athletics through optimal programming and environment


    Inclusive * Athlete focus * Healthy living * Sportsmanship * Well rounded * Fun * Continuous improvement * Communication