Halifast Call For Volunteers

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Below is a list of the jobs that must be filled for any track meet. They are separated into three categories; No Training Required, Single Training Session Required, and Training/Certification Required.

The No Training Required jobs are jobs that anyone can do by simply reading the description below and showing up at their designated time.

The Single Training Session Required jobs will require volunteers to come to a Halifast practice for about 15 minutes. Either Rich or Jonathan will explain the job in detail and volunteers will be ready afterwards.

The Training/Certification Required jobs are ones that require an Officials Clinic through Athletics Nova Scotia. The association is very much in need of people who can fill these roles, so if anything looks interesting to you, please contact Rich right away at Richard.a.lehman@gmail.com or contact Anitra directly at Athletics@sportnovascotia.ca.


No Training Required:

Registration- Sit at registration table handing out bib numbers to registrants. There is no day-of registration at any Athletics NS meet and all athletes have pre-paid, so you will not be responsible for registering people. Simply ask them their name and club, find their bib number (will be listed alphabetically by club) and give it to the registrant.

Call Room- Sit at the check-in table and take attendance for races before they begin. Provide updated start list to the starts team after everyone has checked in. Scratches will sometimes occur with no notice, but the starts team will simply take the list from you when they are ready to start the race. The announcer will be right next to you, so if someone has not arrived for their event, it can be announced.

Set Up- Check-in with the meet director and they will tell you what is needed. Typically moving items from the shed onto the track.

Wind Gauge- Meet Director will set the wind gauge up for you. When the event begins, or when an athlete begins their approach in the horizontal jumps, press ‘START’. The wind gauge will count down and then display the wind reading in meters per second to one decimal point. Read the wind reading to the head official, and press ‘RESET’.

Lap Counter- Helping with the finish line official. Typically the lap counter will be in charge of counting the laps for the leaders in the longer races and finish line official will keep track of lapping. The longest race is 12.5 laps.

Display Board Operator- After the head official of the event announces the performance, put the result on the display board.

Hurdles- This job is primarily moving hurdles no more than 10 meters at a time and raising/lowering them and moving the weights. Where the hurdles are being moved and what height they are supposed to be at is not your responsibility. The starts team and meet director will announce it before every change.

Tetrathlon- Follow the Run Jump Throw Wheel athletes around as they complete their tetrathlon. Most of this job is corralling the kids and doing what the head Tetrathlon Official needs done.

Vertical Jumps (High Jump, Pole Vault)- There will be a head official already in place. The volunteers’ job is to raise the standards after each round and to replace the bar. The head official will announce the height of the bar each time, and they will also check to ensure the standards are at the correct height each time.

Horizontal Jumps (Long Jump, Triple Jump)- There will be a head official already in place. The volunteers’ job will be to either rake the pit, or pull the measuring tape to the mark that is being measured. The measurement itself and calling faults is the responsibility of the head official. Steeplechase- The same as hurdles above; primarily moving steeple barriers on and off the track.

Tear Down- At the end of the meet. The meet director will provide you with instructions on the day, but this job is primarily moving equipment from the track back into the shed.


Single Training Session Required:

Finish Line- Monitoring lapping in the endurance races as well as corralling athletes back to the finish line until the Photofinish Official clears the race.

Throws (Hammer, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus)- There will already be a head official in place. The jobs vary based on the event, but the job is primarily pulling the measuring tape to where the implement landed. Faults will be called by the head official.

Umpire- You will be placed by the meet director around the track and will be looking for minor infractions such as lane violations, illegal passes in relays, etc. You will not be responsible for disqualifying athletes or enforcing the rules; you will simply look for the specific things you’ve been instructed to look for and then report back to the referee/starts team/meet director.


Training/Certification Required:

Photofinish/Results- Opperating the Finish Lynx photo timing system.

Starts Team- Comprised of starter, starter’s assistant, and recall starter.

Head Official, Field Events- The official responsible for calling all faults and keeping the event running on time. They will have the field events score sheet and will give it to the meet director at the end of the event.