Development (11+ years and up): This is HaliFAST’s main group and offers exposure to many track events: sprints, hurdles, distance, jumps and throws. Athletes come here after the MiniFAST program that introduces fundamental skills. 

Coaches: Troye Williams, Jason Stewart,


MiniFAST (8-11years): Our MiniFAST program was revamped in the fall of 2015.  The aim is building athletic skills wth a fun and engaging program! The enriched programming is perfect for kids who know they want to pursue track and are ready to learn the fundamentals. Our aim is to have our

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Coaches: Angus Macintosh, Dan MacGuire


Sprints, Hurdles and Jumps: Competitive athletes who are 16 year or older can choose to join this group for sprint- specific training. There will also be a focus for thos interested long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault in this group

Coaches: Mike Bawol, Andrew Conrad, Brad Andrews, Simon Watts and Heather Hamilton


Distance: Competitive athletes who are 16 years or older can choose to join this group for distance-specific training. Distances are 800m and over. 

Coaches: Hannah Lehman and Rich Lehman, 


Throws (Outdoor Season only): Athletes work on shot put, javelin, and discus and hammer in this group.  (Limited during the indoor season. Ask if intetested)

Coaches: Kirk Jessome


Run Jump Throw Camp $150 (SUMMER ONLY 2019 TBD): This program for kids ages 5-8 years uses track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs). The emphasis is fun in this summer camp. The aim is for kids to move on to the MiniFAST group as they get older. 

Coaches: TBD


Senior/ Masters Age Group

Athelets 26 and older who have always wanted to try track and field, as well as those that have participated in their youth and want to get back on the track. This program is Open to Parents of HaliFAST athletes as well as the general public. (Contact Registrar for more info)

Coach: Troye Williams


HaliFAST Athletics Road Runners

HaliFAST Athletics will be offering an adult road running group beginning on May 30th, 2018.   We offer training and racing plans from 5k to the marathon in a fun, social, group training environment.  Technical warm-up and drill sessions, strength training, and nutritional advice will also be provided. 

For the first year we will be capping registration at 20 athletes (first come, first served) to ensure that we can effectively individualize training programs with an appropriate coach to athlete ratio.

Cost: $200 for the full year

When: All Year

Where Shubie Park. Meet at te Movie Theatre Parking Lot

For more information, contact Rich Lehman at

Coaches: Erin MacNeil, Emily Clarke, Rich Lehman



Nova Scotia School Age category:

NSSAF (Junior and High School)

Grade 7-8         Junior

Grade 9-10       Intermediate

Grade 11-12     Senior


Athletics NS/Athletics Canada

(The athlete is that age in calendar year, for example if someone turns 14 in December they are in Midget for the year even though they are 13 until December)


Pewee is now  U12

Bantam is now U14

Midget is now   U16

Youth is now    U18

Junior is now.   U20

Senior               20+

Master              35+